Courtney Mazza: Healthy and Trim with HealtheTrim

Mario Lopez's girlfriend Courtney Mazza got into fab shape, just three months after having their baby daughter Gia.

"I've always been in shape my whole life, but you never know how your body is going to react when you're pregnant," the Broadway dancer admitted, but added, "I'm proud to say I am back to my pre-baby weight... and then some."


How did she do it? Mazza explained, "Taking HealtheTrim gives me the energy to take care of a newborn and workout because I was really worried about how I had have the energy to be up with her all night, still go workout and try to get back into shape."

She continued, "It suppresses your appetite and is basically a good portion control. I still eat what I want. I just don't eat as much -- and you feel fuller faster!"

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