'Spider-Man's' Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's On-Set Chemistry

Andrew Garfield talked with "Extra" at the "Social Network" DVD release party in L.A., and the young actor dished about starring in the new "Spider-Man" flick with Golden Globe nominee Emma Stone.

"I really do like Emma, she's a pretty special actress and a pretty special person," he said. "One of the funnier people and one of the more fun loving people I know. I'm so glad that she's there on set. It's really fun."

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"Extra" also caught up with Garfield's "Social Network" co-star Armie Hammer, who told us that he's currently working on a film with Leonardo DiCaprio.

"It's the story of J. Edgar Hoover and sort of the founding of the FBI," Hammer said of the film, adding, "its beginnings and sort of how it grew to become what we know of it today. And what became of Hoover the man, and just like that sort of whole epic."