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Erin Andrews, 'Reality TV Junkie' and Anti-Stalking Activist

Former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant and ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews stopped by The Grove to chat with "Extra's" Mario Lopez about watching "brainless TV" and why she decided to do "DWTS."

"I'm a reality TV junkie... because I watch so much sports, I need brainless TV," said Andrews.

Calling herself a "daddy's girl," Erin said it's because of her father that she's so into sports, and that as a child she "sat on the couch with him and cheered for the teams he liked."

Taking time away from sports for a few months to participate on "DWTS" was something Erin did for personal reasons. Being a victim of a stalker, the blonde beauty said she wanted to bring awareness to people who were being stalked.

"I thought that if I did the show it would bring awareness... I went to Capitol Hill after the show was over to help strengthen laws -- and that's what I'm continuing to do."