Lifechangers: Ask Dr. Drew at The Grove

Relationship expert and "Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Drew Pinsky is on call at The Grove, answering your questions about parenting and relationships.

How can I let someone down easy and stay in a friendship?
Dr. Drew: "Try to eliminate all contact for six months or so. Every time you contact her, it resets the clock of her getting over this relationship. Let her get over it, but you can come around and be friends later."

I know my kids are drinking, is it better to them drink in the house?
Dr. Drew: "I am telling you there's only one way to deal with this and it's to not allow them to drink in the home. You just need to say 'Look, it's illegal, I don't allow illegal activities and by the way if you get caught doing those things, I'm not going to bail you out.'"

My teenager is interested in sex and I am totally against it. Do I still provide him with protection?
Dr. Drew: "It's up to you, Mom, to emphasize this is an emotional and spiritual experience and has profound potential health consequences. What I would do, I would put condoms out and keep a count. Then let him know you want to have a conversation with him when the time comes but that you don't want him making that choice without this."

Why won't my man pop the question?
Dr. Drew: "Men often delay getting married for long periods because they have to understand who they are in the world before can make that kind of commitment."