Lifechangers: New Year's Diets to Trust

"Extra" Lifechangers Dieticians Cher Pastore and Keri Gans are breaking down new ways to lose weight for 2011 that actually can work!

The Okinawa Diet is full of vegetables, lean protein, soy products and black rice -- a super food that's on the rise. Pastore said, "It is extremely high in fiber, high in anti-oxidants, and it's also a great source of protein."

Then there's the 17-Day Diet, which features three cycles over the course of 17 days. It starts with lots of lean meats, then vegetables in Cycle 2, and finally re-introducing carbs in Cycle 3. Gans explained, "It is trying to teach a person to include all foods and exercise to be healthy."

The Alkaline Diet puts a large emphasis on eating a variety of fresh veggies, citrus fruits, nuts and legumes and discourages dairy products, grains, meats and too much salt. "The diet creates the minimal alkalinity in blood," Pastore pointed out.

Finally, Gans talked about her upcoming book, "The Small Change Diet," which "promotes making 10 small changes over however long it takes to become part of you and lose weight for good."

And what are some diets to avoid? The HCG Diet, which is mostly protein with extremely small portions, and the Gluten-Free Diet, which is only really appropriate for those suffering from Celiac disease.