Weekend Lifechangers -- The Links You Need!

"Extra" has complied a list of the latest medical breakthroughs, and ways to protect yourself from identity theft. From pain-free dentistry, to information on diabetes, we've got everything you need!


Diabetes Information
For more information about diabetes or to find out how you can help, call the American Diabetes Association at 1-800-DIABETES or visit Diabetes.org.

Rx Locker
Click here to find out where you can purchase an Rx Locker.

Pain-Free Dentistry
Are you a candidate for pain-free dentistry? Root sensitivity to grinding your teeth or gum recession? Click here to find out.

Vegan Facts
To find out amazing facts about all things vegan, visit Veggiegrill.com.

Buttocks Enhancement
Want to know how to enhance your butt without surgery? Click here!. And for more in on Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, go to GhavamiPlasticSurgery.com!

The Most Important Hair Coloring Tip You'll Never Find on a Box
The box will say to rinse the color out, but if you've ever had your hair colored in a salon, you will notice that they don't just rinse the color out, they shampoo it too. Make sure to shampoo your hair to remove all the dye. For more tips from stylist Alison Sassoon, go to AlisonSasson.com!

Identity Theft
Find out how thieves steal your identity here.