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'Extra' Raw! Bieber Fever at The Grove

Teen sensation Justin Bieber had to sneak into The Grove to sign copies of his bestselling book, "First Step 2 Forever" -- to avoid being mobbed by hundreds of fans who lined up to get a pic of their idol.

"I'd rather be hidden than attacked by a bunch of girls," Bieber laughed with "Extra," but added, "You know, I'm a 16-year-old boy, I like girls."

Bieber talked to "Extra" about dating. Watch!

The singer also laughed about being a Halloween costume inspiration this year, including "Today's" Natalie Morales. Did he catch it? "No, but I saw ["Jersey Shore's"] Pauly D," the singer replied. "That was pretty funny. Yeah I'm honored. It's been great."

And what kind of Halloween candy does the Biebs like? "Sour Patch Kids." Yummy!