Lifechangers: The Lowdown on Sushi

Registered dietician turned "Extra" Lifechanger Rachel Beller performs a "food autopsy" on sushi, breaking down the calories of your favorite Japanese cuisine.

"Edamame is super healthy but far from low-cal," Beller explained. "A typical appetizer is about 300 calories. Miso soup is a better option -- a whole bowl is only 35 calories!"


Next on the chopping block are shrimp tempura and California rolls. "These rolls might look healthy, but they're loaded with calories. A shrimp tempura roll is 520 calories and a California roll has as many calories as two turkey sandwiches."

Don't forget those specialty rolls, like the Dynamite roll. "Whenever you see creamy on top of or inside sushi, it's full of mayonnaise and fat," the dietician warned. "And the stuff that makes tuna spicy is nothing but mayo and hot sauce."


The best way to keep it lean? "Order sashimi... and try ponzu sauce," Beller recommended. "It's essentially soy sauce diluted with lemon juice, cutting the sodium in half!"

Here are a few more hints for a low-cal sushi meal:

Edamame (1 cup, shelled) = 200 cal.; 18g carbs; 8g fiber

Miso soup = 36 cal.; 1g fat; 5g carbs; 1g fiber

Salad with tuna sashimi and ginger dressing = 90 cal.; 4g fat; 1.5g carbs; 0g fiber

Yellow Tail Hand Roll = 60 cal (without rice); 95 cal. (with easy rice)

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