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Jennifer Hudson on Weight Loss: 'I've Gained a New Body'

Weight Watchers spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson has dropped an amazing 80 pounds -- slimming down to a size 4 -- and she told "Extra" how she's maintaining her new figure through the holidays.

jennifer hudson

The Oscar-winning actress and singer says she will not prepare a feast on Christmas. "I'm not going to cook. I'm actually having a huge Christmas family dinner celebration... they're doing Weight Watchers, too... all they have to do is come and look good."

Following the birth of son David Otunga Jr. in 2009, Hudson said she was motivated to lose the baby weight. "After being pregnant for months, saying I want my body back... I did something different. I actually gained a new body!"

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Jennifer keeps fit by doing four sets of push-ups, leg squats and sit-ups every day. Her workout program includes an hour of intense cardio and another hour of resistance training.

How will you maintain through the holidays! Tell us your tips in the comments.