Lifechangers: C'mon, Get Happy!


New York Times bestselling author and "Extra" Lifechanger Dan Buettner reveals tips for staying happy in his new book, "Thrive."

"You want to not only say you're happy, but to feel it every day of your life. That's thriving," Buettner told "Extra."

Here's a list of ways to stay happy:

1. Take short vacations. You'll get more happiness by taking several short vacations instead of one long one.

2. After about $75,000 a year, you don't really get any more happiness from that money.

3. Work close to home. "You need an extra 40% raise in pay to make up for a two-hour commute," Buettner added.

4. Live near water. People who live near a body of water are happier.

5. Socialize a full seven hours a day. The author explained, "Socializing with our parents actually brings us more happiness than socializing with our bowling buddies or shopping friends."

6. Surround yourself with humor and have a strong sense of faith. "The world over, religious people are happier than non-religious people," said Buettner.

7. You don't need to make big changes, just make small, permanent changes.