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True Grit: Josh Brolin Goofs on 'Goonies' Rumor

"Extra's" Renee Bargh sat down with Josh Brolin, who stars in "True Grit," to talk about the film and find out what other flicks Brolin has in the works.

When asked if rumors were true about a possible remake of Brolin's 1980's classic "The Goonies," the actor had a sarcastic response.

"Yes, we're gonna do another movie... De Niro signed up, Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman we're in talks with -- Steven Spielberg was thinking about directing, but then David Fincher was interested and he wants to do a supernatural 'Goonies,' so that's where we're at," the actor joked. "I thought this was over. I thought I've done every disrespectful thing I could do in order to end this rumor, but obviously not."

Speaking of sequels, Renee also talked with Brolin's "True Grit" co-star, Jeff Bridges about the possibility of a "Big Lebowski" sequel. "Maybe, I don't know," the actor said. "It doesn't feel like we might but the Coen brothers like to surprise. It's set up for one, isn't it? Doesn't he say 'I have another little Lebowski on the way'? The Mod and the Dude get together, who knows!"

As for all the Oscar buzz "True Grit" is receiving, the Oscar winner put it into perspective. "I don't think about it too much until someone asks me, and then I said that kind of put me on my heels a little bit. Taking one moment at a time. We'll see."

Catch "True Grit" when it rides into theaters December 22.