Ryan Gosling: 'Making Love is Essential'

Stars Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams talked to "Extra" about their brutally honest look at marriage in "Blue Valentine."

Gosling explained the explicit portrayal of the relationship was absolutely crucial in making this a genuine romantic drama. "Making love is an essential part of telling that story. It's a way you communicate things that you can't articulate verbally. You have to show somebody how you feel."

The film initially received an NC-17 rating for the emotionally raw sex scenes, but Variety reported Wednesday the MPAA changed it back to R, after an appeal from the film's distributors, the Weinstein Company.

How did Williams feel about the nude scenes? "It was very dark in there, that helped," she laughed. "You close your eyes that helped.

"I put on some weight for that part in the movie so it's me plus pounds," the actress continued. "It gets interesting as you get older. It's one thing to be naked at 20, another thing to be naked at 30, I'm sure it'll be a whole other thing to be naked at 40."

"Blue Valentine" will be sent into theaters, Dec. 31.