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Russell Brand's Take on the Royal Wedding

"The Tempest" star Russell Brand goofed with "Extra's" Terri Seymour on a wide variety of subjects -- from adopting Justin Bieber to the upcoming royal wedding.

"Is it gonna cost us English people any money?" Brand asked Seymour of the Prince William and Kate Middleton nuptials next spring. When she answered that she thought so, Brand responded, "Well f**k off then! It's out of order, spend it on something else, make them get married in a little chapel in Vegas, a shotgun wedding like that."

As for adopting the Beebs, Brand and his bride Katy Perry joked they'd make good parents. Brand elaborated, "If I was his Father I'd own him. I'd shave his head... and make him eat it with rice milk," he laughed.

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"The Tempest" swirls in theaters Dec. 10.