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Dead Ex-Con's Gun Not a Match in Chasen Murder

ronni chasen, freida pinto and dev patel

The gun used to kill famed Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen wasn't the same weapon found on the ex-con who reportedly admitted to the murder before killing himself, the New York Post reports.

Despite his claims he was the killer, the authorities quickly surmised that small-time crook Harold Smith had nothing to do with the crime, after he fatally shot himself in a seedy L.A. Apartment Thursday as they were closing in.

Ballistics tests confirmed the mismatch when it showed Smith's weapon did not match bullets fired at Chasen, who was shot five times in the chest while driving her Mercedes in Beverly Hills on Nov. 16.

Smith, 43, was a "person of interest" when he bragged about being paid $10,000 for carrying out the hit on Chasen and was reported to the police.

There are no other reported suspects at this time. Ronni Chasen left a will doling out an estate valued at an estimated $6.1 million.