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Denise Richards to the Pet Rescue

Actress and animal activist Denise Richards stopped by The Grove to chat with "Extra's" Mario Lopez about her new pet rescue mission this holiday season.

As an avid animal lover, Richards is lending a hand to the Pup My Ride project, which transports dogs from overcrowded L.A. shelters to areas in Utah, Montana and more.

She explained, "I've always been a huge animal lover ever since I was a kid. I brought home every single stray dog. Best Friends Animal Society, which I do a lot work with, came up with the idea. Every Monday, we go to shelters and send 40-50 dogs up to their facility in Utah."

Denise revealed that she celebrated the Thanksgiving with her ex, Charlie Sheen, and their two daughters, Sam, 6, and Lola, 5.

"He came over for Thanksgiving," Richards said, adding, "It's definitely important for everyone to enjoy the holidays together. It's great for the kids. I'm sure we'll see him at Christmas, too."

For more information on Pup My Ride, visit the official website or a href="http://www.Utahhumane.org" target="_blank">UtahHumane.org