Rachel Uchitel: 'I Got Myself Into Some Really Bad Situations'

"Celebrity Rehab 4" is gearing up to be one of the most intense seasons yet -- and "Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Drew Pinsky and Rachel Uchitel opened up to Mario Lopez about what really went on behind the scenes.

rachel uchitel

Dr. Drew helped Uchitel realize that her use of drugs was just her way of dealing with her real addiction -- love addiction.

"I really didn't give love addiction a lot of credibility. I thought it was a joke and it really isn't," Rachel told Mario, adding, "I got myself into some very bad situations... some relationships that were not right for me."

"What was going on with Rachel took a while to figure out," Dr. Drew says. "Putting myself in her emotional space... when you come to terms with the amount of trauma she's had to deal with, it's very easy to understand how you desperately feel the need to fill that void."

Reflecting on her time spent on "Celebrity Rehab," Rachel recalls storming off the show after clashing with fellow cast members.

"There was a point when I got kind of upset and decided to leave," she said. "It was interesting to go back after the fact and know that it's a typical pattern I have."

Watch how it all unfolds on the season premiere of VH1's "Celebrity Rehab," Wednesday at 10 PM PST.