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Publicist's Murder May Have Been Planned

The investigation into the mysterious murder of veteran Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen has taken a calculated turn. Police now theorize that Chasen's shooting death was planned -- and not the result of a random attack or road rage. Exactly who would want the well-liked publicist dead is still unknown.

ronni chasen, freida pinto and dev patel

Chasen, 64, was found dead in her Mercedes-Benz, shot several times in the chest, shortly after midnight Tuesday. She was driving home from an after-party for the "Burlesque" premiere in Hollywood.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Beverly Hills authorities are speculating that another car pulled up next to the passenger side of Chasen's Mercedes-Benz and fired the shots, killing the woman. It is believed the shooting occurred either as Chasen made a left turn from Sunset Boulevard onto Whittier Drive, or just after the turn was made.

Shell casings were not found, leading police to believe that a revolver was used.

Police obtained video from multiple security cameras located at a residence on Whittier, just down the street from the intersection of Whittier and Greenway. Sources told The Reporter it is the home of Sherry Hackett, widow of the late comedian and actor Buddy Hackett.

Police are also looking for more footage from other homes in the area. The red-light camera at the intersection of Sunset and Whittier apparently did not capture images of the incident.

At this point, there are no suspects.