Rachel McAdams: 'Harrison Ford and I Could Have Really Been Something'

"Morning Glory" hits theaters today, and star Rachel McAdams is dishing on her co-stars and who had the most chemistry on set.

"Extra's" Mario Lopez told Rachel that it was fun to watch the chemistry between her and Harrison Ford.

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"If he was about 15 years younger, that would have been great," Mario said. "I was like, wow, there was some good chemistry there."

McAdams, joking with Mario, replied, "I was born at the wrong time. Harrison and I could have really been something."

Recently telling InStyle magazine that every film she works on she walks away with a close relationship, Rachel said she felt very close to "Morning Glory's" director Roger Michell. "I feel really close to Roger, the director. That was a really nice relationship to have and it's great to be able to talk to your director that much and get to know each other."

Catch Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton in "Morning Glory" in theaters Friday.