Lifechangers: Foods That Protect You

"Extra" Lifechangers are dishin' on the dishes that can save your teeth, skin and eyes.

Dr. Laurence R. Rifkin, DDS, specialist in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, said celery and carrots or foods with fiber "have natural abrasive toothbrushes."

Dermatologist Dr. Howard Murad, author of "The Water Secret," said lots of plant-based foods can act like a natural sunscreen. "A study on pomegranate extracts show a 20% increase in the SPF of sunscreens if you took pomegranate extracts for a week," Murad explained.

As for better vision, optometrist Dr. Robert Weinstein said foods rich with Lutein, like kale and cooked spinach, not only protect, but can actually improve your vision. "Lutein is an antioxidant that reduces harmful free radicals in various parts of the body."

Here are other foods that help with teeth, skin and eyes:

For teeth: Wasabe, which has an ingredient that actually reduces or inhibits bacterial growth, and kiwi, which is high in Vitamin C and is good for building collagen in the gum tissue.

For skin: Pink grapefruit, watermelon and tomatoes, which all have lycopene, a natural skin protector.

For eyes: Red meat only once a week, lots of dark, green leafy vegetables, fish at least twice a week, and no processed baked goods.