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'Extra' Exclusive: John Travolta Ready to Fly Home for Son's Birth

"Extra" caught up with Captain John Travolta this week in Australia, where he was celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Qantas Airline, as he piloted lucky contest winners on a scenic flight around Sydney in his own plane.

"Extra" Special Correspondent Renee Bargh talked with the actor about the impending birth of his son. "I can't wait to meet Benjamin," Travolta said, revealing his son's name for the first time.

The "Old Dogs" star was also a little worried about being so far from his wife, Kelly Preston, so close to her due date, which he confirmed is Nov. 26.

"When I left, she was having what they call Braxton Hicks, the fake labor, and we were both a little worried. But then the doctor said to drink more water, more liquids and that stops that. I think she just had a little talk with Ben and said, 'Look, let's wait till Dad comes home and deliver then.' But I'm ready to go at any minute, if she started having labor now we would leave and take 22 hours to get home, but I'll get there."

Travolta also talked about their family holiday plans ("up to Maine for Christmas") and returning to the big screen ("by fall, you will see me on screen again").

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