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'Morning Glory' Stars Take Shine to Mario

Diane Keaton and Rachel McAdams had a little fun with "Extra's" own Mario Lopez when he interviewed them for their upcoming dramedy, "Morning Glory."

The film centers on a morning talk show in which co-anchors Keaton and Harrison Ford constantly butt heads. Keaton asked Mario, "Do you have banter like that?" He replied, "Well, I'm a solo host on my show, and so I would be talking to myself."

The actress responded, "Oh, you're the star! You don't need that awful co-anchor hanging on your every word. You're attractive, too. I can see why you got anchor. You're more interesting than I am."

Moving on to Rachel McAdams, who plays the newbie producer sent in to try to shake things up, Mario asked about her love life -- and she pointed out his dimples.

"So you're gonna go there?" she laughed. "You just can't help it. Your dimples just come like Bing! Firing out! Like a laser. I have them, too, if you want to go to bat!

Mario also had a little mano-a-mano time with Harrison Ford, asking him about rumors the actor was trying to woo Sean Connery for another "Indiana Jones" movie.

"No, this is coming out of the blogosphere," Ford said. "I've heard I've been sending Connery cologne. Can you imagine sending cologne to Sean Connery? Socks maybe, I might send him a pair of socks."

"Morning Glory" rises in theaters Nov. 10.