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Russell Crowe Loves Reality TV?!

Actor Russell Crowe, starring in the upcoming thriller "The Next Three Days," admitted to "Extra" he enjoys watching a little reality television as a date-night with his wife, Danielle Spencer.

"I watch the 'X Factor' ... We use that as our date night. I know that probably sounds pretty sad to some of you people out there," Crowe laughed, adding, "I know if I was 20 now, I'd be lining up with everybody else, trying to have a go."

The Oscar-winning actor has a soft spot for his two sons, Charlie, 7, and Tennyson, 4. "I just came across some photographs of my little one, Tennyson, when he was just born. It's funny to look back on the relationship you have automatically as soon as they're there. It's very easy for me to get sentimental about it."

As for his role in "The Next Three Days," Crowe credits the story for drawing him in. "I always have the rule: No matter how good the project sounds, if it is not there on the page I won't do it. I just couldn't put it down. I just really, really dug the story."

Crowe plays a community college teacher whose wife (played by Elizabeth Banks) is convicted and sent to prison for a crime she didn't commit. He decides to break her out before she loses her sanity. Watch the trailer!

Put "The Next Three Days" on your calendar for Nov. 19.