Lifechangers: Jennifer Grey Credits Expert Doc with Saving Her Life

"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Jennifer Grey is one of the leaders in the competition -- and she has her doctor to thank for it.

"Extra" Lifechanger and spinal specialist Dr. Robert Bray helped Grey overcome crippling neck pain, stemming from a devastating car accident 20 years ago. She never dreamed she would go on "Dancing," but the doc gave her the go-ahead.

"My first impression when she asked if she could dance was 'Not a chance.' Her neck was unfortunately unstable from the accident," Dr. Bray explained. "The ligaments were torn in the back of her neck and her head was actually angled forward."

But Jennifer told "Extra's" Mario Lopez at the Grove Dr. Bray saw a way to correct her spine. "I had had my spine fused. He goes in and does the tiniest tweaks and he saved me from being paralyzed."

He also found her thyroid cancer. "On the MRI of her neck to look at the disc and spinal cord, we also saw a lump in her neck which she knew about," the doctor said. "I told her that didn't look good. I had a concern it was cancer, and I encouraged her to get it taken care of."

The end result is Grey is now cancer-free and a "Dancing" frontrunner, but Dr. Bray is still keeping a close eye on her. "I went over to the studio where she was working out with Derek and went through with him that when you do certain moves, put your hand here, protect her neck."

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