Robert Downey Jr. Has 'Due Date' But No 'Hangover 2'

When actors Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis sit in the same room together, anything can happen -- and does. Starring in the upcoming road comedy "Due Date," the two funnymen delighted "Extra" with their antics -- talking about insults and whether Downey would be up for a "Hangover 2" appearance.

"It's possible, but I can't be bothered," the actor deadpanned. "I'd love to work with Zach again, but I'm not going to go do a 'day' on his sequel. Let's not kid ourselves. Besides, they've had enough squabbles over their paltry salaries. They can't afford me."

Seriously, the two have a natural rapport, even though Galifianakis said the relationship comes with its own set of "insults." Downey remembered, "Did I say you need acting lessons?" Galifianakis corrected, "Classes." "Well, that shows I've never been to one," Downey Jr. laughed.

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"Due Date" will be delivered to theaters Nov. 5.