Classic 'SNL' Halloween Costumes

Need a costume idea for tonight? "Extra" brings you entertaining and creative "SNL" costumes that will surely make you the life of the party!

SNL Halloween Costumes

The Coneheads

Aside from their obvious physical differences, the Coneheads also had very fast, nasal and monotone speech patterns. They also had much larger appetites than average humans; they would eat large amounts of food during meals which they referred to as "consuming mass quantities." Played by (l to r) Laraine Newman, Jane Curtin and Dan Aykroyd. They were from France.

Wacky World of Animals

If you love animals like Brian Fellows, you can dress in your favorite safari gear this Halloween!

Dick in a Box

"Dick in a Box" is a Saturday Night Live digital short featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. You can buy a "Dick in a Box" costume at:

Blues Brothers

John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd turned an 'SNL' skit into a hit movie. You can purchase this costume at:

The Spartans

"The Spartans" were recurring characters on SNL during the 1990s, played by Arianna (Cheri Oteri) and Craig (Will Ferrell). You can purchase this costume


Mango is a male exotic dancer who performed in a strip club. Mango spoke with an accent, although his nationality was never identified. He was said to have been born on "Mango Island." Character played by Chris Kattan.

Canteen Boy

Canteen Boy is a naive assistant Scoutmaster with acute attention to detail, played by Adam Sandler.

The Other Half of the Spartans

Most skits ended with what they called "The Perfect Cheer," which was an elaborate routine to a popular song played from a boombox. You can purchase this costume at:

Church Lady

The Church Lady is a woman named "Enid Strict," the uptight, smug and pious host of her own talk show, Church Chat... as played by Dana Carvey.

David Larry and Miss Colleen in "The Dog Show"

David Larry's special dog friend is Mr. Bo Jangles, who is actuallya girl, but David Larry gave her a boy's name because he's playing a trick on her. Played by Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon.

Helen Madden the Joyologist

Helen Madden is a licensed Joyologist. It takes a lot of time and energy to stay joy-focused and teach others how to stay joy-focused. Her three favorite things about traveling are: Hotel Mini Bars, Adult Television and the Holiday Inn Happy Hour with a side plate of Buffalo Wings... easy on the bleu cheese! Played by Molly Shannon.


Mary Katherine Gallagher is an unpopular, teenage Catholic school girl. She is prone to comically severe mood swings and alternately hyperactive and ponderous. She suffered from stage fright, but was also hyper-competitive (she once engaged in a sing-off with Whitney Houston) and egomaniacal, believing she was a "superstar." You can purchase this costume

Matt Foley

The character Matt Foley was wildly popular time and is now considered some of Chris Farley's best work.

Mr. Peepers

He's half-man/half-monkey, as played by the talented and hilarious Chris Kattan.

The Continental

"The Continental" is a recurring sketch on Saturday Night Live featuring the urbane Christopher Walker.

Wayne's World

The "show" would open with Wayne and Garth singing the lyric to the opening theme, "Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!" and was accompanied by Wayne's frantic strumming of his guitar, and Garth drumming on his lap.