'Extra' Exclusive: Kylie Minogue to Do US Tour

Singer Kylie Minogue visited "Extra's" Mario Lopez at The Grove and told him exclusively she will be touring the U.S. in April and May, 2011!


Minogue will do the U.S. tour to promote her album "Aphrodite" and told Mario, "Europe has seen a lot more of me over the years. But here in the States, kinda just seen me now and then. My [U.S.] audience has been exceptionally loyal and overwhelming patient, waiting for me to come back. Last year, when I went on tour in the U.S., for me, it was worth the wait. It was amazing, the crowds were beyond great!"

Photos: Candid Moments at the Grove!

Watch the music video for her hit single, "Get Outta My Way"

Minogue will be performing on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" tonight. Stay tuned for the U.S. tour dates, coming soon!