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Jennifer Garner: Of Nice and Ben

Actress Jennifer Garner stopped by "Extra" to dish about working with Russell Brand on "Arthur," and about her real-life leading man, husband Ben Affleck, and the good work she's doing with Save the Children.

Celebrating Ben's Oscar buzz for starring in and directing "The Town," Jen said, "I'm soooo proud of Ben, I can't tell you. I saw it ["The Town"], I lived it first hand. No one has worked harder."

The mom of two is also keeping busy, co-starring alongside Brand in the upcoming remake of "Arthur."

"No one but Russell Brand could have remade this movie," said Garner. "He's the reason we all did it. I absolutely fell for him while I was working with him."

Back in New York City, the actress is taking time out for the "Save the Children" program for at-risk kids who don't have enough to eat.

"Part of what we're doing here today with Frigidaire is... we are going to pack up 900 boxes, that's 30 snacks for 30 days for these great kids in Kentucky at a 'Save the Children' program," she explained.

To find out how you can donate to "Save the Children" and how you can win a Frigidaire Range, here.