Ali & Roberto: Reality Sinks In, Wedding Delayed

"Bachelorette" Ali Fedotowsky and fiance Roberto Martinez have decided to put the brakes on their plans to walk down the aisle... another reality TV couple on hold.


Although the two announced they would have their wedding quickly post-"Bachelorette," and Ali said she wanted to elope, the lovebirds have changed their tune.

"We're waiting a little bit. We really want to make sure we're doing this right," Ali told in Manhattan on Tuesday, insisting it's not that their love has faded. "Nothing has changed -- we're still just as happy as we were," said Ali, adding, "If you're rushing because you're in love, why rush?"

Ali and Roberto recently moved to San Diego. Take a look at the reality couple's pad!

'Bachelors" and 'The Bachelorettes': Where Are They Now?

Alex Michel

Season 1 (2002) Bachelor: Alex Michel Profile: Management Consultant Winner: Amanda MarshRunner-Up: Trista RehnAlex did not propose to Amanda, but they dated for several months before they split. Trista had her own spinoff of "The Bachelor," becoming the first "Bachelorette." Alex is currently living in New York and is an online relationship consultant.

Aaron Buerge

Season 2 (2002) Bachelor: Aaron Buerge Profile: Vice President of a chain of family owned banks Winner: Helene Eksterowicz Runner-Up: Brooke Smith Aaron did not propose to Helene. They dated for several months before calling it quits. Aaron married Mngye Mclntosh in 2009.

Andrew Firestone

Season 3 (2003) Bachelor: Andrew Firestone Profile: Sales Manager of Firestone Family Estates Winner: Jen Schefft Runner-Up: Kristen Baschbucher Andrew and Jen broke off their engagement but still remain friends. Jen became the third "Bachelorette." Andrew married actress Ivana Bozilovic in 2008 and they had their first child, a boy named Brooks.

Trista Rehn

Season 1 (2003) Bachelorette: Trista Rehn Occupation: Physical Therapist Winner: Ryan Sutter Runner-Up: Charlie Maher Trista and Ryan were married in December 2003. They remain together and have two children.

Bob Guiney

Season 4 (2003) Bachelor: Bob Guiney Profile: Creator of Mortgage Company and former suitor on "The Bachelorette" Winner: Estella Gardinier Runner-Up: Kelly Jo Kuharski Bob gave Estella a promise ring, they split shortly after the show aired.

Meredith Phillips

Season 2 (2004) Bachelorette: Meredith Phillips Occupation: Makeup Artist Winner: Ian Mckee Runner-Up: Matthew Hickl Ian and Meredith were engaged at the end of the show but ended their relationship in February 2005.

Jesse Palmer

Season 5 (2004) Bachelor: Jesse Palmer Profile: Canadian-born American College Football Player and NFL QuaterbackWinner: Jessica Bowlin Runner-Up: Tara Huckeby Jesse did not propose to Jessica, but they dated for a long period after the showed aired, eventually splitting up. Jesse is currently single. He is now a college football analyzer on ESPN.

Byron Velvick

Season 6 (2004) Bachelor: Byron Velvick Profile: Pro Bass Fisherman and divorced father Winner: Jessica Brown Runner-Up: Mary Delgado Byron and Jessica dated for five years. They called it quits in 2009 and domestic abuse charges were filed against Brown.

Jennifer Scheft

Season 3 (2005) Bachelorette: Jennifer Schefft Occupation: Publicist Winner: No Winner Runner-Ups: Jerry Ferris and John Paul Merritt She rejected all bachelors. Scheft married Joe Waterman in May 2009. The couple announced in May 2010 that they are expecting their first child.

Charlie O'Connell

Season 7 (2005) Bachelor: Charlie O'Connell Profile: Actor Winner: Sarah Brice Runner-Up: Krisily Kennedy Charlie and Sarah dated for 2 years but broke up in 2007. They got back together a year later, but called it quits again in 2010.

Travis Lane Stork

Season 8 (2006) Paris Bachelor: Travis Lane Stork Profile: Medical Doctor Winner: Sarah Stone Runner-Up: Moana Dixon Travis did not propose, instead he gave Sarah a promise ring and the two took a shot at a relationship. They broke up shortly after the show aired. Travis is now a featured doctor on the show "The Doctors."

Prince Lorenzo Borghese

Season 9 (2006) Rome Bachelor: Prince Lorenzo Borgnese Profile: Cosmetics Entrepreneur Winner: Jennifer Wilson Runner-Up: Sadie Murray Lorenzo did not propose. The couple instead tried to work out a relationship, but split a year later. Lorenzo is single, currently living in New York and has several businesses involving pets. He also has a social network for pet owners called

Andy Baldwin

Season 10 (2007)Bachelor: Andy Baldwin Profile: Naval Officer Winner: Tessa HorstRunner-Up: Nicole Powers Andrew did propose to Tessa at the end of the show. The couple called off their engagement a month later but continued to date, but soon broke up. Andy is currently single.

Brad Womack

Season 11 (2007) Bachelor: Brad Womack Profile: Bar Owner The finalists were DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft. Brad rejected both DeAnna and Jenni on the season finale. DeAnna was featured on theseason of "The Bachelorette." After the show, Brad returned home to Texas to work on managing his five bars. He is currently single.

Matt Grant

Season 12 (2008) London Bachelor: Matt Grant Profile: Global Financier Winner: Shayne Lamas Runner-Up: Chelsea Wanstrath Matt proposed to Shayne, but the couple broke up in July 2008. Matt is currently living in L.A. and is dating another British-born actress.

DeAnna Pappas

Season 4 (2008) Bachelorette: DeAnna Pappas Occupation: Real Estate Agent Winner: Jesse Csincsak Runner-Up: Jason Mesnick Their wedding was set for May 9, 2009, but they broke up in November 2008. Runner-up Jason Mesnick was featured on the 13th season of "The Bachelor."

Jason Mesnick

Season 13 (2009) Bachelor: Jason Mesnick Profile: Accountant Executive, single father, and former contestant on "The Bachelorette" Winner: Melissa Rycroft Runner-Up: Molly Malaney Jason broke off his proposal to Melissa at the reunion show and resumed his relationship with runner up Molly Malaney. Third runner-up Jillian Harris was featured on the fifth season of "The Bachelorette." Melissa was featured on "Dancing with the Stars" and married Tye Strickland in 2009. Jason proposed to Molly in New Zealand in October 2009. The couple married on national television on February 27.

Jillian Harris

Bachelorette: Jillian Harris Occupation: Interior Designer Winner: Ed Swiderski Runner-Up: Kiptyn Locke Jillian and Ed called off their engagement and went their separate ways in July 2010.

Jake Pavelka

Season 14 (2010) Bachelor: Jake Pavelka Profile: Commercial Pilot and a former contestant on "The Bachelorette" Winner: Vienna Girardi Runner-Up: Tenley Molzahn Jake did propose to Vienna on the season finale, but the two called it quits in June 2010 after reports of Vienna's cheating.