Jim Belushi: 'I've Gotten Myself Out of Jail a Few Times'

Actor Jim Belushi plays a lawyer on the new CBS show "The Defenders," but he said he's gained some legal experience in real life as well.

The funnyman stopped by The Grove to talk with "Extra's" Mario Lopez, and when asked if he or "Defenders" co-star Jerry O'Connell would make a better lawyer, Belushi immediately said, "ME! I've been a jailhouse lawyer for years. I've gotten myself out of jail a few times."

The series is based on a reality TV show about two criminal lawyers working their magic in Las Vegas -- and about real cases, too. Belushi explained, "One episode we shot was about a guy who backed his truck up into the Elvis museum and stole the blue suede shoes. It was a real case."

Speaking of Sin City, we wondered who was the better gambler, Belushi or O'Connell? The lawyer/actor offered this evidence: "Jerry gambles with $25 and he sweats the whole time."