'Extra' Raw! Bret Michaels Rockin' the NFL

"Extra" caught up with rocker Bret Michaels in Miami, where he gave a performance for tailgate fans at the Dolphins vs. Patriots game. Check it out!

Michaels sat down with "Extra" before the show to talk about not getting the "American Idol" judging gig. "Simon Cowell made a really cool comment. He said 'To replace me, Bret Michaels would be perfect.' He's been in the business forever, but obviously with Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, they made amazing choices."

The singer also talked about posing naked for the cover of Billboard magazine. "I didn't eat for a few days, sucked it all in, and was able to produce a four-pack and a pony keg. My daughters are completely embarrassed, ya know what I'm saying?"

Michaels' reality show, "Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It," premieres Oct. 18 on VH1.