Russell Brand Wants to 'Snog' Helen Mirren

Comedian Russell Brand was his usual wacky self at the New York premiere of his new film, "The Tempest," where he sang the praises of his co-star Helen Mirren.

"She's really sexy. She's glorious. She's living in defiance of time," the funnyman told "Extra." "In a minute I'm going to snog her."

Brand continued to gush about the Oscar-winning actress, saying that she could take on any role. "Why not have Helen Mirren as Batman? Helen Mirren as Hitler? You name it, cross genders. Helen Mirren!"

"Extra" had an opportunity to chat with Mirren at the premiere as well, who told us she was quite fond of Brand, with whom she also co-stars with in the remake of "Arthur." "I'd like to see him do something serious actually," she said. "I think he has a long, complex career ahead of him."

As for Russell's other love, he's defending fiancée Katy Perry over her "Sesame Street" ban.

"I think if I had sufficient time to dwell on the issues of 'Sesame Street,' then it would indicate that we live on a trouble-free plant. We do not," he said. "I saw her on 'Sesame Street' and she looked gorgeous, but Elmo, he looked even better."

Catch Helen and Russell in "The Tempest" when it whips into theaters December 10.