Happy 50th Anniversary to 'The Flintstones'!

"Extra" joins in celebrating 50 years of "The Flintstones" -- the Hanna-Barbera animated comedy, a first in prime-time -- that paved the way for many of today's shows, including "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy."

Check out some of the craziest Bedrock inventions, as seen in the Telegraph. Wilmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

10 Crazy Flintstone Inventions

Fred's Pedal Car

The Dino-Crane

The Warthog Garbage Disposal

The Elephant Faucet

The Bedrock Express

The Elephant Water Cooler

The Lobster Lawnmower

The Elephant Vacuum

The Octopus Dishwasher

The Bird-Powered Film Projector