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Tori Spelling: Kids Saw Me as 'Different'

Actress Tori Spelling stopped by The Grove to chat with "Extra's" Mario Lopez about her new book, "Presenting... Tallulah," and discussed how her inspiration for the story came from her own childhood experiences.

Tori said that it wasn't always easy growing up as the daughter of high-profile producer Aaron Spelling. "When I was in school, the kids were like, 'Oh, it's a little rich girl, producer's daughter, she's not like us, she's different'." She told Mario, "I was like, I don't want to be different, I want to be normal, but then I had to realize what's normal. Normal is being yourself, being who you are... that's what Tallulah goes through." 

Constantly having to shoot down rumors about her thin frame, the mom of two says whether you call someone too thin or overweight, the comments have a negative effect either way.

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"It's funny, people always think if you call someone too thin it's a compliment -- it's not. It goes both ways," she said. "You can call someone overweight, you can call someone too thin, it still hurts.

The former "90210" star goes on to say that she knows the truth about her weight and that's what matters. "As long as I know my truth and I'm healthy and I'm showing a good example for my daughter and women out there, that's all I can do."

You can pick up a copy of Tori's new book "Presenting... Tallulah" -- in stores now.