Diane Lane on 'Secretariat': 'I'm a Horse Person'

Actress Diane Lane is getting Oscar buzz for her performance in the upcoming horse flick "Secretariat."

Lane plays Penny Chenery, the housewife who owned and guided the famous horse to an improbable Triple Crown win in 1973. "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli sat down with the actress to talk about the role.

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"I'm a horse person, but not according to these horse people," Lane laughed. "The most sentimental part of this, selfishly for me, was spending time with the real Penny Chenery."

Lane also loved the film's '70s fashions. "I loved the authenticity of my shoes. The heel isn't what people would scream, 'Hey, sexy!' today, but that's fine, I wanted that. I wanted to be as real as I could be."

Her husband, Josh Brolin, is currently co-starring in the box office hit "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." Lane said, "I think that's what it all comes down to in the end, waking up and getting to pinch yourself that you're so blessed and it definitely keeps us humble."

"Secretariat" races into theaters Oct. 8.

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