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Christie Brinkley Onboard the Smile Train

Supermodel extraordinaire Christie Brinkley is one of the world's most beautiful women -- and she told "Extra" her secret for staying young looking... her smile.

"I smile for starters," Brinkley said. "It truly is my number one beauty secret. I think it literally lifts the face up and it releases those feel good chemicals."

The original "Uptown Girl" is not only keeping a smile on her face, but has given smiles and hope to millions of children around the world.

Brinkley was awarded with the HBA Global Positively Beautiful Award on Wednesday, in recognition of her work with Smile Train; an organization that repairs cleft lips and palates of children whose parents could never afford the surgery.

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"The surgery they perform for $250 dollars just miraculously transforms a cleft palate into a beautiful smile," Christie told "Extra," "That smile makes all the difference in the world to their life. They can come out from behind the walls where they've been isolated and they now have a whole world of opportunities."

To find out more about Smile Train or how you can donate, click here.