Bristol Palin: 'I'm Glad My Family Made It'

Wowing the judges on "Dancing with the Stars" Monday night, Bristol Palin and partner Mark Ballas scored a 22 out of 30 -- and her family was there to see it.

"I'm glad my family could make it tonight," Bristol told "Extra." Her famous mom, former Gov. Sarah Palin, attended the show for the first time, and Bristol said "she was so proud" and "very excited."

Last week, the teen mom took Ballas to her Alaska hometown to meet her entire family, including her mom. "She's so lovely, so sweet, so loving and so proud of Bristol," Ballas said of the Republican stalwart, seen in a taped segment.

Some "DWTS" cast members were excited to have Sarah in the audience. "It was awesome to see her in our audience," said Cheryl Burke.

Find out who's going home -- tonight on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."