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Bethenny Frankel Cuts the 'Food Noise'

Four months after giving birth, former "New York Housewife" and "Skinny Girl" author Bethenny Frankel is in a skintight dress for her Health magazine photo shoot in the Hamptons -- and "Extra" was there!

Frankel gave "Extra" a good tip on how she stays in shape: she avoids the "food noise." "The definition of food noise is that internal chatter and dialogue. 'I was good when I ate this. I was bad when I didn't. I wanna look good in my jeans.'"

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But the reality star admitted she doesn't work out all the time. "I feel like people think I work out hours and hours a day or even a week. Most of the time, I work out two hours in a whole week. But when I do, it's quality over quantity."

And how about more kids? "I'm not sure. My husband does. So I do pretty much anything for him. So maybe we'll have another."

Bethenny's cover issue of Health magazine is on sale now.