Steven Tyler: 'I'm in Love with Jennifer Lopez'

The "American Idol" judges have officially been announced, and Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have already become fast friends.

Joking with "Extra" after Wednesday's big reveal, the Aerosmith frontman said that he and Lopez are having an "outside love affair."

Gushing about sharing the panel with J.Lo, Steven said, "I'm in love with that woman... I think I'm in love with her soul."

Jennifer only had great things to say about her fellow "Idol" judge as well. "He doesn't know this, but I am a huge fan."

With so much admiration in the air, "Extra" had to ask if there's a chance for a musical collaboration in the future.

"In your mind, whenever you think about another artist, you always think about what it would be like to work together," Lopez said. "So who knows... we'll see."

Tyler didn't confirm any plans, but audiences can expect a performance from him on "Idol" at some point. "I'm looking forward to grabbing the mic myself some night."

"American Idol" season 10 begins January 2011 on FOX.