Maura Tierney Returns to TV after Breast Cancer Fight

Maura Tierney took a break from the small screen after being diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2009 to undergo treatment. Tonight marks her return to television, starring in the new ABC show "The Whole Truth."

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Tierney told "Extra" it's great to be back at work. "A little tiring but it feels good," she said. "It's not because of me, it's because the last new show I did was 'News Radio'... When I joined 'E.R.' they were in their seventh season."

Breaking TV news with "Extra," Tierney appears in an upcoming episode of "Rescue Me," in which her character is fighting cancer.

"It's scary... a lot of the things that they had the character say was stuff I hadn't said out loud to myself," Maura said of the role. "Hopefully, it's good. I haven't seen it."

Watch Maura's return when "The Whole Truth" airs tonight on ABC.