Boris Kodjoe Goes 'Undercover' with "Extra"

"Extra" caught up with handsome actor Boris Kodjoe on the streets of New York to talk about his new NBC show, "Undercovers," co-starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

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"'Undercovers' is about two ex-spies who decide to live a regular life as caterers and are then pulled back into the CIA." Kodjoe explained. "Action, comedy, drama, romance -- everything packaged in one. It's gonna be ridiculous don't miss it!

The show is produced by J.J. Abrams of "Alias" and "Lost" fame. Kodjoe said working with Abrams was "incredible," adding "He is a genius."

Kodjoe also wouldn't mind if Abrams' buddy Tom Cruise, who Abrams directed in "Mission: Impossible III," made a guest appearance on "Undercovers." The actor said, "Absolutely, as the bad guy. Yeah, that'd be great."

A NY fan asked Kodjoe how his wife handles him doing sex scenes. "Well, my wife, Nicole Ari Parker, a very sexy actress herself, goes through it the same way. Sometimes you gotta look away for a bit."