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George Clooney Visits the GF's Folks

Actor George Clooney and his Italian girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, took a little trip to Sardinia to visit Canalis' parents this past weekend.

They traveled to the small town of Trenuraghes, where Canalis grew up, and stayed with Canalis's father, Casare, a radiologist, and wife Bruna. See the pics!

Clooney patiently signed autographs and posed for photos with the local neighbors, and even held a baby. One neighbor told a local journalist, "He looked rather awkward with the 7-month infant in his arms, but he posed politely and carefully handed the baby back."

Another noted, "One of the older women there shouted, 'Ora tocca a te!' ['It's your turn now!']. Clooney obviously didn't understand, but everyone turned to look at Elisabetta. She simply smiled."