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Nick Cannon Serenades Mariah Carey... Sorta

"America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon joined Mario Lopez at "Extra's" new L.A. home, The Grove, to talk about the talent Nick has seen -- and how he has none of it when it comes to serenading his wife, Mariah Carey.

"I try to serenade her with her own songs. I mess up all the words and she just laughs," Cannon admitted.

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Cannon weighed-in on how she'd be as an "American Idol" judge. She's a "voice technician, people don't really understand how her vocal chords work and how hard she actually works at it, so a show like that would give her a great opportunity to show people what it really takes to be one of the world's best singers."

Speaking of talent, Cannon told Mario which "America's Got Talent" act amazed him. "It would have to be Christina and Ali, the two young ladies who were overcoming cystic fibrosis and still singing. That was really touching."

The worst? Cannon said, "I'd have to say when the guy who lit his crotch with the fireworks -- and I had to light it. Oh, that was the worst!"