20 Reasons to Love 'Almost Famous' 10 Years Later

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of 2000's "Almost Famous," writer/director Cameron Crowe's love letter to rock and roll in the '70s, here are 20 marvelous moments from the film!

20 Marvelous Moments from 'Almost Famous'

Feck You!

Anita asserts her independence.Elaine: Sweetheart, don't be a drama queen. Anita: Feck you! Elaine: Hey! Anita: This is a house of lies! Elaine: There it is. Your sister used the 'f' word. William: I think she said 'feck.' Elaine: What's the difference? William: The letter 'u.'

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

Prepubescent William experiences a revelation.William: 'Eleven!? This explains SO much.' Anita: You've robbed him of an adolescence. Elaine: Adolescence is a marketing tool.

Lester Bangs

A cynical but passionate rock critic theorizes.Lester Bangs: "Here's a theory for you to disregard completely. Music, true music, not just rock 'n' roll, true music ... it chooses you. You know, it lives in your car, or alone, listening to your headphones with the vast, scenic bridges and angelic choirs in your brain. It's a place apart from the vast, benign lap of America.

Rock Journalist Wisdom

Lester Bangs foretells the rest of the movie.Lester Bangs: "You cannot make friends with the rock stars. If you're gonna be a true journalist, you know, a rock journalist. First, you never get paid much. But you will get free records from the record company. Jesus. F***ing nothing about you that is controversial, man. God, it's gonna get ugly, man. They're gonna buy you drinks, you're gonna meet girls, they're gonna try to fly you places for free, offer you drugs. I know it sounds great, but these people are not your friends, you know? These are people who want you to write sanctimonious stories ... about the genius of rock stars - and they will ruin rock 'n' roll and strangle everything we love about it, right? And then it just becomes an industry of cool. I'm telling you, you're coming along at a very dangerous time for rock 'n' roll. That's why I think you should just turn around, go back, you know and be a lawyer or something. But I can tell from your face that you won't."

Don't Take Drugs!

Elaine's plea becomes an instant classic — way better than "Just Say No."

Miss Penny Lane

Groupies, band-aids, who cares what they're called — they're with the band!Penny Lane: We are not groupies. Groupies sleep with rock stars 'cause they want to be near someone famous. We're here because of the music. We ... are band aids. We don't have intercourse with these guys, we inspire the music. We're here because of the music.

Have We Met?

The Penny and Russell introduction scene, in which we get the idea they've met before.

'Fever Dog'

William hears Stillwater perform for the first time.


It's all happening for William.Penny: I've made a decision. I'm gonna live in Morocco for one year — I need a new crowd. Do you wanna come? William: Yes! Yeah. Penny: Are you sure? William: Ask me again. Penny: Do you wanna come? William: Yes! Yes.

Something in the Air

Russell and Penny Lane ... just like last summer.

The T-Shirt Incident

Russell: Can we just skip the vibe, and go straight to us laughing about this?Jeff: Yeah, okay.Russell: Because I can see by your face you want to get into it.Jeff: How can you tell? I'm just one of the out-of-focus guys.Here, let's take a look at it. See, you love this t-shirt, it lets you say everything you want to say. Jeff: Well, it speaks pretty loudly. Russell: It's a t-shirt. Do you give a s*** about a t-shirt? Larry: I'm just hungry man, let's just go out and find some barbecue or something. Jeff: I'm always going to tell you the truth. From the very beginning, we said that I'm the front man and you're the guitarist with mystique. That's the dynamic we agreed on — Page/Plant, Mick/Keith — but somehow it's all turning around. We've got to control what's happening. There's a responsibility here. Russell: Excuse, me ... but didn't we all get into this to avoid responsibility? Jeff: I can't say anymore with the writer here.Russell: No, no, no. You can trust him, you can say what you want. He won't write it.Jeff: Look, I work just as hard or harder than anybody on that stage. You know what I do? I connect. I get people off. I look for the guy who isn't getting off, and I make him get off.Jeff: Actually, that you can print!

False Idols

Russell trips on acid, compliments of the good people of Topeka.Russell: I am a golden god! ... And you can tell Rolling Stone magazine that my last words were ... 'I'm on drugs!'

Tiny Dancer

The best rock 'n' roll movie scene. EVER.


Elaine puts the smackdown on Russell.Elaine: "It's not too late for you to become a person of substance, Russell."

$50 and a Case of Heineken

William attempts to help Penny wake up.William: Sweet? Where do you get off?Where do you get sweet? I'm dark and mysterious and pissed off - and I can be very dangerous to all of you. I am not sweet, and you should know what about me. I am the enemy!

The Cover of Rolling Stone

It's a think piece ... about a mid-level band struggling with their own limitations in the harsh face of stardom.

My Cherie Amour

William boldly goes where many men have gone before.

Penny Departs for The Real World

Peggy Sue

The band almost reaches their final destination.

Everything Is Everything

In the end, they both wanted to be with her. She wanted them to be together.William: What do you love about music? Russell: To begin with, everything.