Joe Manganiello: 'I Shoveled Sand & Gravel' Before 'True Blood'

Breakout stars don't come more "breakout" than "True Blood's" Joe Manganiello.

Manganiello tells "Extra's" Lauren Sanchez that before becoming sexy werewolf Alcide, his life was far from glitz and glamour.

"I was shoveling sand and gravel off the back of a truck trying to make ends meet for a little while in there," he said of his pre-stardom days. "Hauling cement bags and jackhammers... it got rough."

Now the actor can been seen nearly nude, battling baddies on "True Blood."

"We all have to appear naked on the show," said Manganiello. "You get three choices [on how to cover up], one's a sock, a thong with a plastic back -- and I was warned that when you run really fast the plastic will snap... The third [choice] is the man panty or the manty -- which is so tight and constricting." Joe told Lauren he decided to go with the sock.

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What does his girlfriend think about all his racy scenes? "There's a lot of understanding that she gives to me," he said. "But she's been great about it all."