Best Ways to Look Better Naked!

We sat down with a few "Extra" Lifechangers and discovered the secrets behind looking better naked!

Dietician Dawn Jackson Blatner revealed how to get rid of bloating, encouraging that you kick the gum habit. "The sugar alcohols in sugar-free gum really cause a lot of bloat."


Want to quickly achieve the look of toned abs? Try spray tanning! Spray tan expert Jennifer Phillips of Portofino salon in Beverly Hills says contouring with a spray tan can create an instant look of hot abs.

Plus, we have the inside scoop about how to look even slimmer in the bedroom from "Desperate Housewives'" director of photography and set lighting technician, Jamal Farley -- choose dim lights!

"I don't have a single overhead light in my house, besides the one in the kitchen, because they cast very unflattering shadows," says Farley, adding, "Lamps are far better for the bedroom. Besides the bedside tables, try placing one in the corner opposite your bed--you'll be lit from behind and to the side with a soft rim of light all the way around, almost like a halo.

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