Jake Hopes Vienna 'Breaks a Million Hearts'

Jake Pavelka has moved on from "The Bachelor" drama -- and from his breakup with Vienna Girardi.

He sat down with "Extra's" Mario Lopez for a little heart-to-heart and said he's finally "slowing down," adding "I fell in really hard and fell out hard." How does Jake feel about Vienna's announcement that she has a new boyfriend? "Is this news? She did before we broke up!" he said. "I hope she dates a million guys and breaks a million hearts."

But he admitted he's "open" to the dating scene now. "It wanted to make sure I was ready."

We asked Pavelka, a pilot, for his take on Steve Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant who prematurely jumped ship. "Oh, Steve, we have days like this," Pavelka laughed. "I don't think he has grasped how much trouble is in. I really feel bad it's gonna be a court case."

As for his guest appearance on Sunday's episode of Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva," Pavelka said he it was a "one-time thing," but he is "out there auditioning and just loving life."