Jason Bateman: 'I'll Light My Hair on Fire' to Sell Tickets

Jason Bateman, co-starring with Jennifer Aniston in "The Switch," told "Extra's" Terri Seymour that he's willing to do anything to sell movie tickets.

"Let's create something, we will create a scandal," he joked with Terri about creating buzz for his new film. "I'll light my hair on fire!"

Bateman dishes about kissing Aniston onscreen, saying, "It's weird to kiss your friend on the lips in a passionate way," adding that they didn't have a conversation about the kiss beforehand. "There is a tongue conversation sometimes. I don't remember having that with her. I seem to remember something along the lines of, you know, here I come. Or, chew this gum."

Check out more footage from "The Switch" press junket and premiere.

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