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Jerry O'Connell Advises Mario on Fatherhood

Hollywood dad Jerry O'Connell offered some sage advice to "Extra's" soon-to-be dad, Mario Lopez.

"Everyone's gonna say, 'Oh Mario, it gets easier!' It never gets easier. It gets worse and worse and worse and worse," said O'Connell!

He's just kidding, of course (we think), but he knows a thing or two about being a first-time dad to twin girls with wife Rebecca Romjin. Would they ever try for another baby?

"No, factory's closed, man, over, done. Finished," O'Connell laughed. "I'm about to go to my vet and be, like, all right, take 'em off. It's time for me to get spayed and neutered."

Jerry stars in the upcoming horror flick, "Pirhana 3D," in theaters Aug. 20. He'll return to TV this fall on the new CBS dramedy, "The Defenders."