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New Pix of the Rat Pack Surface!

"Forget the movie, let's pull the job!" Frank Sinatra once joked about the "Ocean's 11" plot.

On the 50th anniversary of the original Rat Pack flick, Life.com has put together a gallery of never-before-seen pics of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford.

Here are just a few. For the full gallery, click here at LIFE.com.

'When That Light Hits Him...'
"Sammy has that young-in-heart attitude, but he's getting close to 40. He goes to the refrigerator for a snack, opens the door, and when that light hits him, he does 45 minutes of his act." -- Frank Sinatra describing his friend to LIFE in the profile "Sammy Davis," 11/13/1964. Pictured: Sammy, photographed by LIFE's Leonard McCombe, on stage during rehearsals for his high-stakes Broadway debut in "Golden Boy."

Lowball, Cigarette
"Drink, drink, drink. Smoke, smoke, smoke. Shmuck, shmuck, shmuck!" -- Frank Sinatra, chastising himself for the excesses that made his voice raspy during the taping of a '60s TV special. Pictured: In 1964, Frank savors those vices backstage at the Sands Hotel and Casino, where he swung with the Count Basie Band. Out of that landmark collaboration came the legendary live album Sinatra at the Sands.

Frank and Dean, Making Beautiful Music
"I don't discuss his girl with Frank or who he's going to marry. All I discuss are movies, TV, golf and drinking." -- Dean Martin, date unknown. Pictured: The stars, photographed in a recording studio by LIFE's Allan Grant, take a cigarette break during the recording of Sleep Warm in 1958. The album was re-released in 1963 with a much more direct title: Dean Martin Sings/Sinatra Conducts.