Meet the 'Real Housewives of D.C.'

One hails from London and another from the south, but these "Real Housewives of D.C." all love living life large in our nation's capital. Here are some fun facts on these fab five!

Facts About 'The Real Housewives of D.C.'

Mary Schmidt Amons

Age: 43 Home state/city: Washington, D.C. Occupation: Socialite and philanthropist. Founder of "Labels for Love" and Co-Founder of "The District Sample Sale" Husband's Name: Richard Amons Husband's Occupation: Managing director of Capital WirelessKids?: Five — Lolly, Ryan, Alexandra, Meghan and Matt Interesting Facts: As a child, she spent summers with the Kennedy family, and is the granddaughter of legendary radio and TV personality Arthur Godfrey. Mary has never had a full-time job, ever. Her neighbors include Dick Cheney and Colin Powell.

Michaele Salahi

Age: 44 Hometown/state: Northern Virginia Occupation: A former model, Michaele and her husband founded America's Polo Cup and also run their family-owned vineyard, Oasis Winery. She is an advocate and fundraiser for MS and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Societies. Husband's Name: Tareq Salahi Husband's Occupation: Founder of America's Polo Cup and the U.S. team Captain. Helps run the family-owned vineyard. Kids?: None Interesting Facts: She and her husband have become well-known as the "White House Gate Crashers," but deny they were crashers. Michaele loves spending time at the family vineyard with her stable of horses and beloved dog, Rio.

Stacie Scott Turner

Age: 42 Hometown/state: Alexandria, VA. Occupation: Stacie owns a real estate business and does philanthropic work. She founded Extra-Ordinary Life, which provides life-changing experiences to teenage girls living in DC foster care. Husband's Name: Jason Husband's Occupation: Unknown Kids?: Two — Jacob and Catherine Interesting Facts: Stacie holds an MBA from Harvard, where she met Barack Obama — and knew then he would be successful.

Lynda Erkiletian

Age: 52 Hometown: Originally from the south but has lived in Washington for many yearsOccupation: Owner and founder of T.H.E Artist Agency, one of the top modeling agencies in D.C.Husband's Name: Currently divorced and has no interest in remarrying.Kids?: Four — Aaron, Jessica, Mihran, and SamInteresting Facts: Lynda consults her astrological chart daily and is dating a younger man named Ebong. This "mother hen" of the group knows how to keep it real, and when the pressures of D.C. life take their toll, she retreats to her country home where she channels her southern roots by shooting clay pigeons, riding ATVs and cooking a mean fried chicken.

Catherine Ommanney

Age: 40-ish Hometown/State/Country: UK Occupation: Interior Designer Husband's Name: Charles OmmanneyHusband's Occupation: Prize-winning photojournalist with NewsweekKids?: Two girls, Jade and Ruby, from a previous marriage. Interesting Facts: Catherine hails from the U.K. and claims to have once made out with Prince Harry. She wrote a book called "Inbox Full" — about a charismatic, single woman living in London — which will be released later this year.

"The Real Housewives of D.C." airs Thursdays on Bravo.